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Chiropractic Clinic Crm System Australia

Take your chiropractic business to the next level with our all-in-one chiropractor software. Meticulously custom built just for chiropractors, it handles everything from scheduling to patient notes to check-in systems to patient education and more.

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Enjoy your schedule being filled without having to do anything. The system is flexible and will simplify your life.


Speed up your work and reduce repetitive tasks that you do hundreds of times daily. With our management system, in-office client flow has never been easier.


Intuitive and straightforward to use. With Automatic Billing, Payment, and family plans. Designed to automate your office.


Chart, document storage and in-office communication simplified. Spend more time with clients and less time writing notes.


We have automated messaging that you will love!

Reminders, Blasts, Campaigns ,and Reviews.

Share content and forms with your customers.

Two way communication has never been this easy!

Effortless Forms.

Powerful and fully customizable Forms. Automated to send to customers without a second thought.

We are trusted by thousands of people

Atlas System is by far the most impressive chiropractic software system today. I have tried other software programs and they pale in comparison. I highly recommend this system over any system that I have ever seen in chiropractic. I have been a chiropractor for over 30 years and I’ve seen it all.

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Frequently asked questions

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What does Atlas do?

Atlas is a complete client management office solution designed for any business. It automates Scheduling, Billing, Payments, Client communication and retention. Create notes, send and edit forms, and much more. Atlas is sure to impress both your clients and staff with our check-in system and office management flow. Clients won’t fall through the cracks with our safety net retention system. Book your personalized tour to see how it would work in your unique situation.
We look forward to being part of your team!

How can I know it's the right software for my office?

Atlas was designed to help offices streamline client flow and increase efficiency.  We service high-volume offices, and medium-sized offices to start-up businesses alike.  Our software is designed to scale to meet the needs of your growing office.  Don’t settle for only the features you need today but the features you will need tomorrow.  To see how it works – speak with one of our Sales Reps and schedule an online demonstration.

I have years of data how do I get it into Atlas?

The data conversion went off without a hitch. Within a week, we were ‘fluent’ with the system, so there was no downtime. I couldn’t imagine doing without it!”
Jason Geres D.C.

A testimony to our meticulous attention to detail is our data conversion. Other software companies discourage you from doing data conversions or charge you large sums of money because of the complexity and time involved.

We have converted over a 140 different software databases into Atlas. This means that in most cases, we can bring data from your previous system into Atlas, including Patient demographics, appointments, transactions, a list of  services and inventory items etc. Occasionally, we cannot convert data (some online software, proprietary databases, etc.) but can usually get Patient demographics. Please get in touch with our Sales team for further details about your specific conversion.

For more information on systems we convert click here

What does the data conversion and import look like with Atlas?

“I feared all the data entry we might have to do with the conversion, but I can’t express how pleasantly surprised I was with the smooth transition. All of the patients seem to find ease with the new system as well.”
                                        Jaime Rosewarne, D.C.      

If you need help or have questions contact us, and we can answer all your questions.

Our team of trained experts will connect with you and show you exactly were to find your current software data.

1. Send us your data
We will need to set up a date and time in order to retrieve your data to complete the pre-conversion process. During this time, you will continue using your current system.

2. Once the data is located we will show you how to export a copy to us.
     This is were your work ends. Atlas will take your data analyze it and prepare a conversion to import it into Atlas. This conversion process is what sets Atlas apart from others.  We work hard to maximize the amount of information you will receive.

3. Once the data is converted and imported into Atlas your ready to start using Atlas!

Contact us, we would be more than happy to answer all your questions.

For more information on systems we convert click here

How do I learn the system?

Atlas has created a great training system for you and your staff. Learn at your own pace with our online video series. You are not alone; our staff will connect with you throughout the process to make sure all your questions are answered. Not only is this video series great for learning Atlas, it’s also great new hires.

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