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There are many other actions that Mass Planner can perform in an automated fashion to help lessen the workload of anyone using social media marketing as a way to grow their network and market to others.

Invest in Mass Planner if you need to manage the profiles of multiple social media networks with one application. Mass Planner requires a windows based operating system to run. In my demonstrations you will see me using Mass Planner in either a Parallels Desktop (Virtual desktop emulation software) window running Windows 7 or on a free Amazon VPS running Windows Server 2012.

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Investing in the monthly version of Mass Planner for $9.95 will allow you to add 2 profiles for each social media network that Mass Planner supports.

Investing in the 6 month version of Mass Planner for $44.95 will allow you to add 4 profiles for each social media network that Mass Planner supports.

Should you need to manage the profiles of more social media network accounts you can purchase the additional accounts module located in the user account management section of the Mass Planner site. You can login to the Mass Planner user account management section here

There are risks when using a software as powerful as Mass Planner. Your accounts could be suspended or banned. Just as you would not drive a powerful car very fast without first understanding there is a risk that you could loose control and crash. Apply that same thinking when using Mass Planner. Make use of any unused Social Media Profiles available in your version of Mass Planner. Use the unused Social Media Profiles for test accounts. Test accounts are ones that you use for doing split tests. Use those test accounts with Mass Planner to test the action limits are for a social media network. This way you will know how many times you can submit a action before receiving either a warning, ban, or possible suspension of an account.

Inside of the Mass Planner Group I share results from configurations and strategies that I have used with Mass Planner. Lately other users are sharing their configurations and results as well. Join the group and see what configurations or strategies seem in line with how you would like to build your account(s) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+.

If you are a Mass Planner user leave a testimonial comment below letting others know of your experience with Mass Planner. Share the link to your comment on your blog and you will have a back link to your site from me.

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