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The computing landscape has undergone rapid changes in terms of technological innovations and mindset. You don't need an entire gamut of work stations, large hard disks and a rainbow of applications. Whether you are an individual or a business enterprise, you can cut down the costs by exploiting alternatives, especially software. As more and more volunteers join hands the availability of free programs, including enterprise level, under GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) is turning into a reality.

The below mentioned software alternatives are typically Windows based. However, if you have established your computing environment in a truly "Free" manner by using open source / zero cost operating systems such as Linux, Free BSD or Android you need to search internet for business and productivity tools which support them. Some of the software referred in this article offer clones for a wide variety of O.S. Try these amazing free alternatives and create an cost effective business model.

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1. Documents OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is one of the best free software. Unlike Microsoft Office which comes in several avatars at varying costs, OpenOffice is a bundled suite which is upgraded regularly by volunteer programmers from across the globe. This suite contains the following applications without which no business can survive. It is easy to use, supports multiple operating systems and languages, and file formats.

  • OpenOffice Writer It is a word processor powerful enough to create complicated projects and documents such as magazines, books and PDF files apart from letters.
  • OpenOffice Calc Are you an economist or an accountant? Calc helps you generate complicated numerical reports. Analyse and filter data to solve several financial issues.
  • OpenOffice Impress Now this let's you present your ideas or project in a stylish manner. Impress allows you to create stunning graphic, audio/video visuals quickly.
  • OpenOffice Draw Need to impress your boss with your pictorial inventiveness? Yes! Then use Draw.
  • OpenOffice Base This database program is filled with several dynamic features such as tables, forms, form elements, database queries etc.
  • OpenOffice Math Create equations directly in the equations editor. A great tool to teach and create math syllabus.

2. Website Development Aptana

Aptana is one tool that will allow your designer/programmer to create web applications without any external or extra help. This single open source tool is powerful enough to perform an array of development chores, and supports various programming and scripting languages such as; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP and Python.

So what makes it one the most preferred web development applications? The answer is it's feature rich IDE. It offers code assistant which makes sure you follow semantic coding practice and at the same time debugging task is a joy, accomplished through it's built-in debugging environment. If that was not enough it also pinpoints which elements are supported by a particular browser. This helps create web applications that offer uniform user experience across different browsers.

Create custom commands, collaborate with team members and test on remote repositories through easy to manoeuvre actions, and deploy web applications on Github. These are some of the other highlights of this versatile tool.

3. CRM Zoho

Customer relationship management tool forms an integral part of any business environment as it takes care of four core tasks; sales, marketing, after sales service and technical support. Zoho accomplishes these tasks effortlessly. This free CRM tool for entrepreneurs is laden with features such as;

  • Lead Management Generates leads, and converts potential entities into customers.
  • Accounts & Contacts Easily maintain and track several accounts. Filter data, analyse reasons for sales dip and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.
  • Social CRM This tool offers a unique way to maintain vibrant social relationship.
  • Stock Maintain inventory control and email marketing from within the application.
  • Data Data is stored in massive secure servers, featuring 24/7/365 video security system, biometric access, and advanced fire and flood monitoring arrangements.

However, these are not the only features. Dig deeper and you will find nifty little lineaments which will help you expand your business through innovative customer management.

4. Photo Editing Gimp

Gimp is offered under GNU, more specifically LGPLv3 and GPLv3+ and is available for an array of operating systems such as windows, OS X and Linux. It is a feature rich editor comparable to top end image rasterising programs. It offers the same set of tools offered by popular imaging applications such as Photoshop. Designers can crop, edit, apply touch ups, and create free form layouts or even website mock-ups with Gimp. In short, this free program is a great alternative to other costly image manipulating applications.

5. Email client IncrediMail

IncrediMail was designed and developed in the early months of 2000 by Perion, a Tel Aviv based Software Company, and today it boasts millions of satisfied users. The most attractive feature is the butler, who serves mail on the platter, literally. The joy of receiving and sending mail through IncrediMail is really an incredible experience.

Photo letters, E-cards, animations, sounds, multiple accounts, support for various POP3 integration, visually pleasing user interface are some of the other salient features of this compelling email client. Perion also offers Molto, an email client specifically designed for mobile devices and mobile O.S.

6. Accounting GNUCash

One of the important tools that an individual or business enterprise requires is accounting software. GNUCash offers a perfect option as it is powerful and free. It is released under GNU and sports a clean and clutter free design. Here are some of it's other features.

  • Supports multiple platforms; Linux, OS X and Windows.
  • Regular personal and business accounting options available.
  • Check book record to manage income and expenses.
  • Inventory / stock tracking possible.
  • Companies can maintain multiple bank accounts.

7. Information Management Tool -Ecco Pro

ECCO PRO is one of the pioneers and currently the most famous Information Management tool. This software is available for an array of operating systems and flavours, and typically handles daily chores such as contacts, calendar, appointments, tasks and projects like a breeze. This integrated, single window based customisable application is a must for every business enterprise whether big or small. Install today and increase your productivity.

Apart from the above mentioned applications, businesses and individuals can also exploit FreeMind & XMind a couple of easy to use mind mapping applications, WordPress blogging software and Filezilla a free FTP client.

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