Creating an Email Newsletter with Free Software

Anyone can start an email newsletter regardless of how tech-savvy they are. The process is ridiculously simple and straightforward. Most of the tools that the publisher is going to use are now designed so that they can be used by anyone. If you are going to create an HTML newsletter, for example, you do not need to learn HTML anymore. Most of the current HTML editors are designed to be equally used by people who master HTML and those who do not. Nevertheless, knowing the basics of HTML will always help. Moreover, most of the programs that are used in newsletter publishing are free.

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If you choose to, you can create a full-fledged newsletter without spending a dime. If you decide to create a text newsletter, for example, you can use a text editor to format the newsletter. There are many free such editors. And if you happen to run Windows on your PC, you already have one installed on it; it is called Notepad and comes preinstalled on most versions of Windows. Creating an HTML newsletter can also be undertaken using only free software. In this case, you can use either Nvu or KompoZer. There are other free editors but these two have proved to be the best.

PDF newsletters can also be created with solely free software. First, you create the newsletter with a free word processor such as OpenOffice. Afterwards, you convert it into a PDF file with the help with PrimoPDF, which is a free word-to-PDF converter. In order to send the newsletter to your list of subscribers, you can use a free autoresponder service. I do not recommend this, though because most of these free services tend to be unreliable. You can also use a free sample newsletter template instead of creating one on your own. Other than this, you will need to come up with names for newsletters and create content for the newsletter on a regular basis.

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