25 Must have Apps for Every Android Smartphone User

Ironically, the Smartphones we're made to save our time, but due to little knowledge of their capabilities we tend to waste our time on them just because we do not explore it's potentialities upto it's mark.

These smartphones bring forward immense number of applications that are aimed at making our lives as easy as possible. They are mini robots we carry everytime in our pockets. They have the capabilities of remembering and storing our important notes and data no matter how lengthy they are. They are capable enough of providing you with optimum tools to furnish our assignments and projects. Alongside helping us in our professional fields they take care of their owners by giving them a horizon of entertainment beyond any boundaries.

However, a magic wand will work only in the hands of the magician who knows how to use the wand to create the required magic. Similarly, our smart gadgets carry magic unimaginable but they can only be brought to use by feeding it with appropriate applications from the countless supplies of the same. All said and done, a smartphone, without any doubts needs to be used smartly, Thus following is the list of applications that might help you reach the unexplored powers of your smartphone.

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1. Gmail:

One of the largest email service with having largest storing space ever offered to every users. Now manage multiple accounts, View and save attachments on your phone, get label notifications via push notifications. Read and reply to emails and chat option is also provided.

2. Maps:

Maps by Google. An impressive app that will let you explore, navigate and discover new places around world. With voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Can find records of every tiny place.

3. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a free app that let you save your files, images, songs and many more automatically to your computer, Dropbox website and on you smartphone too. Best free cloud storage service, always access your saved data from anywhere.

4. Evernote:

Now do anything without forgetting it with the use of Evernote. Now make notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders. Save, sync and share files with this great App.

5. Instagram:

An entertaining app with over 150 million active users. This let you capture and share every random moments and do something creative out of it on your Android smartphone.

6. Opera Mini:

One of the fastest browser app available for smartphones. It will reduce data costs by up to 90%. Regular updates.

7. Drive:

With Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others as well.

8. AVG Anti-Virus:

A must have app for the anti-virus and anti-theft protection for Android smartphones. Stay protected with harmful viruses, malware, spyware and text messages for the better protection of your device.

9. GO Backup & Restore Pro:

This Backup and restore tool is used to backup and restore important data, files, system setting, apk files, etc. Easy to use and helpful for every device.

10. Viber:

Viber provides you some most common and most needed functions to connect you with everyone around world, you can make voice calls, video messages, send photo and chat option and all services are totally free unlimited.

11. Facebook:

Now connect with your friends on Facebook directly through Facebook App. Now Share updates, photos and videos. Also do like, share and comments with this app.

12. Twitter:

Another social networking app with which you don't need go to system everytime you want to tweet. Now you can simply tweet, re-tweet and share directly via this Twitter app on your smartphone.

13. Go Launcher:

One of the most liked app to customize your phone. Go launcher have very advanced options which let you customize your smartphone with speedy and smooth experience. You can find many free and paid themes, widgets and plugins in this app.

14. Meme Generator:

Meme generator is another entertaining app available. This app will let you create funniest images on your phone. You can create custom images and add text to it and also could create whole image by your own. Also can share your created images to all social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Bluetooth, Dropbox, Picasa many more.

15. TuneIn Radio:

This app will let you listen to world wide radio channels including music, sports, news, talk, and comedy. Includes 70,000 live radio stations with many more concerts, shows and many more. And it's all are free.

16. Skype:

Now make free voice and video calls to any part of the world with best quality of video and voice available.

17. Temple Run 2:

Games are also the part of app store world and there will be no smartphone which don't use to play games in it. some of best addicted and most liked game is Temple Run 2. Play and enjoy with this entertaining game.

18. Whatsapp:

An instant free messaging app that will let you chat with any available contact in your phone with having Whatsapp installed in his phone. Install Whatsapp to send text, images, voice messages and small videos.

19. TrackId:

TrackId is very impressive app available on market. It can track any song playing anywhere near you you just have to enable your phone internet data while searching. It will listen the track and tell you what track it is that is playing around you. Very helpful in clubs, disco, stores and many more places where you can find many new unknown tracks with this App.

20. ES file Explorer:

A free file manager in playstore, free, full-featured file and application manager. Very advanced features available.

21. Dictionary:

A dictionary is another must have app that should be on your smartphones. As all of us knows sometimes we need that in many cases.

22. Adobe Reader:

Adobe reader is one of the best app available for smartphones and computers to view and edit .PDF documents.

23. Gallery Lock:

Sometimes everyone needs privacy to in your phone to some extent. So this app will be the most helpful app for your privacy, you can hide your images, videos, files with this app and all will be hidden and password protected.

24. Vine:

Vine is another mobile only app that allows you to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping clips in a simple and fun way for your friends, family and entire world as Vine is getting famous day by day.

25. Truecaller:

It is the world's largest collaborative phone directory, it is featured with options like to check who the caller is instantly, blocks unwanted calls and so much more. You can also type any number you want to check in Truecaller directory and it will show up the contact name saved in it's directory. So it is a helpfull for everyone to stay away from unwanted calls.

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